Under Perennial Skies

by Atlas Versus

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Engineered by Clay Schroeder of Sighborg Audio in February 2013.
Mixed and Mastered by Eddie Matela of Matela Audio Productions.
Artwork by Christopher Moore of Zero Art Studios.


This temporal divide
is all we know
a fleeting glimpse of barren sky
is all that we've been shown
so we see the world
through jaded dying eyes
looking forward for a change
a resonant force defined
manifested from the essence of this endless cycle
how will we know
what answers lie beneath this?
we need to see
the fate that hides behind the veil
buried in riddle...

simple minds are the ones that wander
willingly self-restraining
limited by this futile existence
rendering ages obsolete
we need suffering to remind us
apathy brings affliction on ourselves!

even one subtlety
will affect the path befalling our destiny

drifting forward. no sense of direction
hopeless thoughts soon turn to desperation
we'll ignore our purpose here together
waiting for a sign from the gods!

down to one solution
left with no appeal
down to resolution
left with what is real

simple minds are the ones that wander
limited by our own denial
curse the ages for our weakness
we need crisis to complete this
self-inflicted punishment alone

only when the veil is lifted will we learn
everything is far to cryptic for a mortal being to discern

this apparent divide
is all for show!


released March 15, 2013
Guitars by Clay Schroeder and Kevin Simon
Bass by Mike Mulligan
Drums by Marty Higman
Vocals by Keith Cameron and Kevin Simon

*Arrangement by Atlas Versus and Michael Carpenter.
*Guest Guitar by Edward Matela.



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Atlas Versus Austin, Texas

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